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Daniel Atkinson
Programming Examples
Just a few examples of some work I have done
These works are a mixture of Hardware and some Software
First Hardware

A Robot

Used to detect objects and avoid them

Written in C++
and uses Sensors
to detect objects in front of it.

Click for a video

Another piece of hardware written in C++
this can send and recieve wireless signal
initialy used to communicate with the robot.

Another video to demonstrate the hardware

The robot projects do have a web component

The sensor data gets relayed via a computer which transmits the data to a hosted database.

A web page using some php and some javascript display the data.

Here is the page

It is not updating due to the robot not currently being run.

I am also working on a version that uses Python and Flask as a backend
and still using Javascript to display the data.

This is my blog which has updates on various projects

There is also a URL shortener hosted on my website

It is written using PHP and the page is styled using Bootstrap

I have also built a 3D Printer

I also implemented a model view tool using three.js with the intention of being able to print via this web interface

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